The story behind: Hand Embroidered Necklaces

Christmas snuck up on me this year… hard.

I didn’t have any money for gifts (seeing as i’m currently an unemployed university student), and I had to hustle to come up with something good. In the short amount of time that I had (being maybe a week and a half) after school finished for the holidays, I booked an appointment with the Laser Cutter at school.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the digital machines in the school studio for SoulPatch projects, and finally an opportunity arose! I’ve been seeing lots of embroidered jewelry circulating social media, and I thought: “woah, I want to try!”


So flash forward to today, and I have already gifted 3 necklaces! They turned out beautifully, though the first few cracked slightly due to a lack of planning and a learning-as-i-go scenario. Now that I’ve completed the first batch, I’m feeling really confident in the fact that I can produce SO MANY MORE. It’s quite exciting really!

To produce these necklaces I spent 3-4 hours in the studio laser cutting, after having already spent countless hours at home designing and planning. Funny enough, my plans were a little shaky once I got to the studio, because apparently you can’t use 1/4 inch birch in the studio cutter, and that was totally my intention. OH WELL. So I settled for 1/8 birch and carried on. ( I also had to reduce how much I was cutting because of time constraints and the fact that I had to pay by the hour to use the machine! lol!)


Once I had all the pieces cut out, I sanded them lightly and then stained them a dreamy cocoa brown, which I am just obsessed with! I used a Saman stain, which I totally recommend. I picked mine up at a local paint and wallpaper store.

My next step was to attach the chains. It took a bit of playing to figure out exactly what length I wanted them to be. In the end, 30 inches from one end of the chain to the other put the pendant in a really sweet spot, and so that’s how I made that decision. No strategy really, just playing – because come on, what artist/designer really uses the strategic approach first?


Finally I got to do the really fun part (though I really did enjoy the whole process): embroidering the centers! I just began with some rough doodles and then went with my gut on colors and such. When I do such small pieces I really don’t put too much thought in to the pre-planning. More-so just play as I go, and if I don’t like it, I just take it out and try again!


I’m sure that this has felt like a super blabbery post, but I thought maybe some makers who haven’t yet attempted necklaces would take something from it, or that those who have would just get a chuckle out of how much effort I went through to make such a simple thing. In the future I hope to sell the pendants without assembly, possibly as kits for those who want to try it. We’ll see!



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