Meet the Maker: Brooklin Stormie

Who are you, where are you located, what do you do? What art forms do you most identify with? How and when did you start making art? What inspires you?

Oy! I’m Brooklin Stormie Holbrough, a Toronto-based illustrator, and student at
OCADU. I love to create stylized drawings, and find this art form easiest to identify
with. I find this art form to be a doorway into a wonderful world full of extra limbs,
magic, structurally unsound houses, lizard-people, and friendly ghosts! I was heavily
inspired by graphic novels and have been drawing since I could hold a pencil.

I’m inspired by nature, weird animals, people I know, and architecture. I also find
school really inspiring—nerd alert—


How do you avoid self isolation as an artist? Are there places you tend to visit or people you tend to turn to as a way of taking a break or staying inspired?

I often get fidgety when I’ve been drawing for awhile and take weird little jogs around
my apartment. I avoid isolation by bothering my roommates and boyfriend and calling
my mom.


Professionally, what is your ultimate goal as an artist? Do you feel that this goal is attainable in your local area? If NO, how do you plan to make this goal a reality?

Well, Ideally one day I’ll do a combination of personal, editorial, and literary work and
not starve. I recently illustrated a children’s book called Rinny and Oko, and that was a
dream come true! I’d love to do more work like that for sure! The nice thing about what
I do is that it’s easily done from anywhere in the world with the help of my ol’ frenemy;
Technology! So I feel well equipped to do it from just about anywhere! I started
illustrating Rinny and Oko for an author in Canada while I was living in a trailer in the
boondocks of Australia!


Shopping local is a great movement, sweeping cities worldwide. Do you feel that this movement is being well implemented in your local area and Canada as a whole?

I think that shopping local is becoming more popular which is a really good thing! We’re
not quite there yet (me included) but I definitely think there’s been a lot of positive
action to send business towards local makers! Which is great!


Instagram is an incredible tool for exposing your work and meeting new people. Do you feel that instagram has taken your creative business in a positive direction?

I think of Instagram like a steadfast best friend, they have lots of embarrassing photos
of me…but they always support me in my endeavours. Also I find Instagram really
streamlined and user friendly which is great for someone like me who is an analogue
girl in a mechanical world.

Dude guy

Are you open to collaborations and meeting new artists? What do you look for in an ‘art friend’?

I love the idea of collaboration! And being part of a collective is definitely a goal of
mine! I look for people with a weird sense of humour, and a style I like and relate to
when I look for people to collaborate with! P.S Being able to french-braid hair is just
like…a bonus.


From your experience as a maker, do you have any advice, suggestions or reccomendations for SoulSpot readers?

As a maker of art things, all I can say is that it’s so important to be brave. Be intentional
and wild with your creations, and work with your mistakes instead of being
discouraged by them. Also, PSA: when you see an artist’s work, please don’t say
“That’s better than I could ever do…” Or some other self-deprecating remark about
your own lack of skill, try to be encouraged by the creations of others. If you like
something someone’s made, try; “This inspires me!” I promise that you can all create
wonderful things! And the beauty is that they’ll all be different!



Note from the Editor:

Thank you so much to Brooklin for being a featured artist on SoulSpot’s Meet the Makers! If you would like to see more of Brooklin’s work or to get in contact with her, find her on Instagram @stormiebrooklin. If you wish to be featured, we are in search of artists from Canada. Send an email to: to inquire (it’s free!).


Myiah from SoulSpot

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