It’s been a Hot Minute…

Okay, So obviously i haven’t been keeping up with this page like I vowed i would in January. My second semester of school was a whirlwind, and so, this blog was put on the back burner, and my Etsy shop closed.


this morning i wrote (and totally botched) my final exam for my fourth semester of RSID, and I can officially say I am finished until September, WHICH MEANS you can expect some of the following this next coming week:

  • The etsy shop will re-open.
  • New products WILL be released
  • Custom orders will return, however with new policies and exceptions, as so far, i haven’t been the best at getting them done on time (because i suck obviously!)
  • The blog will be FAR more active, with fun summer content, mainly lifestyle, shop updates, DIY’s, etc.
  • be prepared to see MORE COLLABS as I am ITCHING to work with other lovely creatives in the city!
  • Better photos, and a more active instagram feed. This has been something I have been truly upset about this semester. It makes me sad to see my feed so gross and dark, and hardly active. THAT’S ABOUT TO CHANGE MAN.

So, with that brief little update, I should hope anyone reading this does well on their exams, and already has plans to SOAK UP THAT AMAZING SUN this week! I for one over-indulged in the 16 degree sunshine yesterday, and already have my first sunburn of 2018! lol #pastygirlprobs



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