My name is Myiah, and I am the author and owner of soulspot.ca!

In April 2017 I began an Etsy shop called “Soul Patch Embroidery.”  This little shop was meant to be a place for me to sell my hand embroidered patches, which is a hobby I had only just discovered in December of the previous year. I also created an Instagram with the same name, which has been incredibly successful and gratifying. I love the creative community on Instagram. It is a fantastically positive place to showcase your work, discover new artists, and meet like-minded creatives who are on the same crazy journey that you are!

I have been watching my small little hobby-business grow. It truly is like watching a child grow – sometimes too quick, sometimes not quick enough. I’ve wanted a place to share my thoughts, ideas, and adventures for a while now, and so here it is. On this website I intend to provide you lovely people with a place to discover local (Canadian) artists that you may not have known about yet! I will also be posting updates on current projects, any events that may be upcoming, DIY/Lifestyle tutorials, and potentially much more!

Additionally, I will be releasing a bi-weekly newsletter that could include freebies, coupons, tutorials, event invites, and other fun exclusive content!

Stay tuned, return often, and thank you for being a part of why I love creating.






Instagram: @soulpatch_embroidery